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By Brad Turville

I'm Brad Turville and occasionally on a Friday I share an update on how to run a modern business and work smarter, not harder.

I'm Brad Turville and occasionally on a Friday I share an update on how to run a modern business and work smarter, not harder.

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People Don't Know How to Buy Accounting Services

I'm currently co-facilitating a business advisory training program for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and a topic I keep talking to is that:People Don't Know How To Buy Accounting ServicesI can't understate the importance of this distinction and …


What's In Store For 2022

It is the start of a New Year and this is a time when I like to reflect on where I am at and the goals myself and my family want to tick off.When you are clear on where you are going, your objectives and what is important, it is easier to make decisions. I've…


The Follow Up

If you haven't already, connect with me on LinkedIn here.


Just be careful of your language.

I'm helping a mate sell his business. Both parties have conceptually agreed on price and terms and deliverables. There are a few moving parts [as there always is] but the deal is progressing and just finalising with the lawyers.And that's where we are let dow…


Uncovering Client Problems

The key to uncovering client problems and having them feel like you want to help is through better engagement.Here are a few questions you can take into a meeting today or just pick up the phone and ask your client [not in any order but the 1st question is im…


Progress, not perfection

I am a big believer in progress not perfection. The mindset of being perfect holds many people back and I am not immune to it.Last year [2020] I was producing a Modern Firm Practices show that was an educational series I ran specifically for the accounting ni…


Problem Solving Selling

Hi there,I've been reading some really interesting insights over the past week on how a lack of sales training, scope stretch and lack of discipline has resulted in many missed opportunities for firms to really get paid what they are worth and for the value t…


What Are You Going To Do Differently In 2021?

A sneak peak into a private training:I hosted a live training in December 2020 for a group of accountants titled: What Are You Going To Do Differently in 2021?I thought you might like to reflect on this idea of thinking differently. This may influence how you…


No Invites

Hi there,A common problem I see with accountants trying to bring on new clients is the lack of understanding around the sales cycle and what to do if the prospect is not ready to come onboard as a client at this very moment.Accountants feel they only have two…


Stop Selling | Start Helping

Hi there,I reviewed the results from a recent internal member survey of a prominent technology company in the accounting industry asking what do members want more training on, and the answer was....Sales.This isn't surprising as Sales is never given much focu…


Free Up Partner Time

Hi thereHaving control and boundaries around your time and the allocation of that time is KEY to you progressing. You may want certain freedoms, more of some things and less of others - to make this happen you need to free up time.As a firm grows the availabl…


Strategic Partners

Hi thereLast week I shared How To Improve Referrals and a fitting topic to continue the Business Development theme is Strategic Partners.Strategic Partners can play two roles:Promote, endorse and recommend you to their clientsYou can promote, endorse and reco…


Get Better At Referrals

Hi there,Referrals is the quickest and easiest and cheapest way of attracting new clients to your firm. Accountants tell me every day that this is their main strategy.But they rarely have a consistent and formalised approach.Which means they are leaving a lot…


The Dreaded - Scope Stretch

Hi there,I was asked to give a presentation at the recent AccountantsDaily Strategy Week on my favourite topic, Modern Firm Practices - speaking specifically on Pricing & Services.The three areas I covered were: Scope Stretch, Alternate Pricing and Start …


The Right People

The most common gripe I hear BY FAR from accountants is:We can't find good peopleThey might not be over the moon with the team they have, they might not have found that superstar senior accountant/client manager or it could be around performance, training and…


Does The Business Serve You?

There are two questions I've always loved:Does the business serve you or do you serve the business? and,Would Richard Branson do this? [referring to the tasks you are completing today]Both of these play into Lifestyle Design which is really: how do you want t…


Focus On Maximising Existing Client Base

Hi there,I can confidently say almost every Partner/Director I talk to wants to grow their firm in some way.They are trying to do it the hard way or are lost with what to do.Also let's not forget non-equity team members looking to increase their revenue portf…


Key Challenges For Small Firms

I've been asked to speak at Accountants Daily Strategy Week this year - a three-day virtual conference that will arm you with the strategies, knowledge, tactics and tools to transform your accounting practice and services. Free to attend. Register here.


The Irony Of Accounting Numbers

Hi there,I get the irony - an accountant knowing their numbers. But I see it more times than not, a principal or partner cannot confidently give me their numbers or honestly answer that they review numbers and KPIs at least monthly.You are telling your client…


An Opportunity To Redefine Your Brand

I also spent time unpacking the Modern Firm Practices framework into 8 visual concepts. See where you need to focus your attention and develop some new habits👇