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An Opportunity To Redefine Your Brand

Brad Turville
Brad Turville
Hi there,
As we look at the year ahead you have the opportunity to shape your outcomes and shape your firm as you please. You may have operated the same way for YEARS but that isn’t set in concrete - it never has been you’ve always had the option and ability to change as you please.
In this weeks Modern Firm Practices show I challenge you to review your brand, what you stand for, why clients come to you, what clients say behind your back and to raise your standards (this includes price). I also challenge you to embrace the Modern Firm and think on what habits would a Modern Firm….Practice [see what I did there] and what are the habits of a Modern Accountant.
I pull a few ideas from the fantastic book: Atomic Habits which you can see in the below image and if you are an avid reader like myself - add it to the list.
On a separate note, this week Victoria went back into Lockdown but this time on much stronger conditions - not only are most small businesses closed but accountants and bookkeepers are no longer classed as ‘essential’ and must close their offices.
The Institute of Public Accountants reached out to me to prepare an online presentation titled ‘How To Support Your Business Clients In Lockdown’ which I will be delivering on Tuesday 11th August @ 2pm. For my Victorian accounting friends you can register here and please share with your Victorian accounting colleagues.
Until next week,

An Opportunity To Define Your Brand - Brad Turville
An Opportunity To Define Your Brand - Brad Turville
Modern Firm Practices [Framework]
I also spent time unpacking the Modern Firm Practices framework into 8 visual concepts. See where you need to focus your attention and develop some new habits👇
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Brad Turville
Brad Turville

I'm Brad Turville and occasionally on a Friday I share an update on how to run a modern business and work smarter, not harder.

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