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Does The Business Serve You?

There are two questions I’ve always loved:
  • Does the business serve you or do you serve the business? and,
  • Would Richard Branson do this? [referring to the tasks you are completing today]
Both of these play into Lifestyle Design which is really:
how do you want to spend your days?
For me, this is really what it is all about. The business is great and it fuels my personal lifestyle - it serves me.
But I remember back to my teen years when my father owned his own practice. He received all the financial rewards but that came with big time commitments and stress. You see the business wasn’t fully serving him.
This is when your personal life starts to revolve around your business and that’s the wrong way around.
I like to go trail running in the mid morning [because for me - the hotter the better]. So on run days I block out time. I do some work first up, then run, then back to it.
Tomorrow [Friday which is when you will be reading this] I’m having the day off. Why? Because I feel like it. I’ve booked in to see the doctor for a check up then off to get a hair and beard cut. Will take the dog for a walk and hang out with my wife. Probably watch some Netflix and ease into the weekend.
If your business isn’t providing you the lifestyle you want you need to ask yourself - what am I going to do about it. Some change will need to happen. I cover a number of ideas in this weeks Modern Firm Practices show below.
Spend some time reflecting on what you want more of and less of in your personal life. I’m sure there will be a few areas that need attention.
Until next week,
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Does The Business Serve You - Brad Turville
Does The Business Serve You - Brad Turville
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