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Get Better At Referrals

Hi there,
Referrals is the quickest and easiest and cheapest way of attracting new clients to your firm. Accountants tell me every day that this is their main strategy.
But they rarely have a consistent and formalised approach.
Which means they are leaving a lot on the table.
I’ve put together a video sharing a Three Step Process on how to better frame and ask for referrals:
  1. Ask
  2. The Setup
  3. Ideal Clients
This should not be siloed to the partners but every one in the firm should be able to ask for referrals and make referrals to your strategic partners.
This training forms part of a much larger comprehensive training called: Ultimate Referrals that I am putting together. In my years in practice and now in coaching I have successfully put in place a number of strategic partners that regularly refer new clients like clockwork - Ultimate Referrals will share exactly how to do this and this Three Step Process is just a taste on how to go about it.
This is such a low hanging fruit strategy to nail down compared to other business development activities and it will have your network partners and clients essentially working as sales people for you - sending ideal clients your way.
Until next week,
Go and ask all your best clients this week for introductions to ideal client,

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