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I’m helping a mate sell his business. Both parties have conceptually agreed on price and terms and deliverables. There are a few moving parts [as there always is] but the deal is progressing and just finalising with the lawyers.
And that’s where we are let down …
The emails coming from the lawyers to my friend are so heavy with legal jargon I’m struggling understand what they mean and what they are asking for. To be clear, we aren’t talking lawyer to lawyer and of course the contract of sale has to have all the legal particulars - I’m talking about the client experience and engagement in working together.
Now they have been prompt in responding, I’ll give them that. But emails that looks like hieroglyphics - come on.
What is important is the client experience. My friend is a small business owner, selling a business for the first time, for a sizeable amount and it is exciting and emotional and scary all at the same time.
I’m going to be optimistic and rule out the idea that the email is purposefully written to elicit additional calls and emails to rack up billings. More-so I believe the lawyer has written based on standing in their own shoes - not in the small business owner client shoes.
In the accounting world they call this speaking ‘Accountanese.’ I’m sure other professions have the equivalent.
Now the embarrassing part is I recommended this law firm as they are the firm that represent me. I have not had this experience in the past, quite the opposite, so it could be a one off with the lawyer allocated to this matter, BUT it is unlikely my friend will use this firm again - not due to their technical ability but the client experience.
So next time you are writing or talking with a client, think, who needs to read and understand this communication and how can I make that a good experience for them.
Until next time,

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Brad Turville

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