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A common problem I see with accountants trying to bring on new clients is the lack of understanding around the sales cycle and what to do if the prospect is not ready to come onboard as a client at this very moment.
Accountants feel they only have two options, the prospects comes onboard right now (awesome) or they don’t become a client right now. The end.
But this is a massive lost opportunity. Only a small percentage of people will be ready, let’s call it 3%. Which means 97% are slipping away simply because they aren’t ready right now.
But they might be ready in a week, or a month, or next quarter, or next year.
The problem is you don’t have anything in place to support and nurture the 97%. If you did it would dramatically improve your conversations with potential clients and referrers and partners and you would convert more into clients over time.
The great thing is it is a piece of cake to put some options in place.
It takes time to build a relationship. You don’t get married on the first date.
In this weeks episode of the Modern Firm Practices Show I cover eight different nurturing ideas:
  1. Case studies
  2. Awards
  3. Educational content - video, podcast, whitepaper, blog
  4. Educational webinars and Q&As
  5. Entertainment Events (once COVID passes)
  6. Send your book
  7. Offer a free “Growth Planning Session”
  8. Build your email list
Even if you just run a monthly educational webinar you now have a regular event that you can invite prospects to. So if you have some people not ready to come onboard right now or you’ve only just met them or you are still building the relationship, great, you can say
“hey come along to this months training on XYZ. We run these every month and from what you were telling me about your business I’m confident you’ll get some insights and takeaways.”
You can then follow up afterwards. If they didn’t attend, great would you like the record. Then follow up, “any takeaways from the recording?” They didn’t watch the recording. Ok well we have a ripper training next month on ABC you should really come along - in fact we are doing an open Q&A and you can ask your questions to our accountants before ever coming onboard as a client.“
There are a few ideas for you. Pick one and implement.
Until next week,

Client & Prospect Nurturing - Brad Turville
Client & Prospect Nurturing - Brad Turville
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