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People Don't Know How to Buy Accounting Services

I’m currently co-facilitating a business advisory training program for Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and a topic I keep talking to is that:
People Don’t Know How To Buy Accounting Services
I can’t understate the importance of this distinction and I see your role as an accountant to lead the client. They need to be educated on what they don’t know, what they should consider and why and how you can help them. You know the tax system, you know their obligations and you know how to navigate structuring, cashflow, reporting, planning and advisory projects so help them buy when you know you can help.
I buy my shirts and suits and blazers from Institchu. But I don’t KNOW how to buy. I know once it is complete whether it fits good and looks good but I need someone to help guide me on how to get to that outcome. Enter the stylist. They ask questions like a Doctor (so should you) to diagnose then prescribe. For most questions my answer is “I don’t know, do I want that? What’s the difference?” And they educate me.
Most people make decisions based on past experiences and assumptions. But if a client has only ever been offered tax lodgement services by you or a previous accountant, they don’t know any different - this presents an opportunity to communicate, educate and lead them.
This is going to help your clients avoid problems, access opportunities, create a better experience for them and generate some more revenues for you. A great recipe I would say.
So next time you talk to a client or a prospective client, remember they don’t know how to buy and they don’t know what you know - so help.

Stop Selling, Start Helping
Stop Selling, Start Helping
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