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The Follow Up

I started a poll on LinkedIn on the question: “How many times do you follow up a proposal/new client?”
I’ve shared a screen shot below of the responses so far.
What I am happy to see is that the vast majority are following up 1-4 times.
The 8% that “don’t” follow up is concerning - they will be leaving money on the table, loosing new opportunities and creating a poor client experience.
Those following up 5-12 times will be generating the most of sales/accepted proposals/new clients. Studies show that 80% of sales are made on the Fifth to Twelfth contact.
But I want to touch on some ideas you can implement to add to your follow up process [or start if you are an “I don’t”]. Note that I talking about follow up contacts that have shown interest in you, your firm, your product/service:
  • make sure you send the proposal/quote in the timeframe you promised
  • book in another call/zoom to discuss the proposal and answer questions the contact has
  • send information about the product/service
  • invite to an event [online or face to face]
  • shoot a quick Loom video sharing an idea
  • send a relevant and recent case study/testimonial
  • connect with the contact on social media
  • share a deadline ie. ‘lodgement is due by X we’d really love to help you get this sorted’
  • have another team member check in
  • send a personalised card in the mail
  • make a limited time special offer
I like to follow a helpful and nurturing approach and that is the mindset I use when I craft my follow up.
Rarely, if ever, does a contact ever get annoyed at your follow ups. In fact I commonly see the opposite, I get thanked for the follow ups.
Choose or 1 or 2 idea’s I shared above and add them to your follow up process.
Until next time,

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