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Turn Quick Queries Into Projects

Hi there - in this issue I’m going to share a handful of responses you can use to position a service on the back of a query and how to offer a fee to action the query which may then lead to more paid work.
Option #1
Thanks for your query. It sounds like an interesting issue. We would be happy to assist. I think it would be best if we look at some further information and then provide a preliminary opinion on whether there are any possible issues, and if so we can suggest any possible solutions.
I can provide a fixed fee quote to undertake this preliminary review and opinion. Our fees would be $X,XXX plus GST.
The further information I would need is as follows:
Option #2 
Thank you for providing the documents regarding [insert issue]. I suggest that in preparation for our meeting, that I review [items to review] and prepare a succinct ‘key issues list’. This ‘key issues list’ will:
  1. highlight any key concerns or comments that I have in relation to the documents. I will be sure to address the points set out in your email to me and any other key issues that I pick up during my review; and
  2. provide a list of discussion points for our meeting.
In terms of the meeting, [insert times to book]
Fixed Fee
My fixed fee for [deliverables #1], preparing the ‘key issues list’ and holding the meeting is $2,000 plus GST.
Option #3 
Thanks for your instructions to provide a brief “heads up” advice on [issue at hand].
In summary, [explain] 
I have set out the recommended process, and my fees for each step below.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Kind regards, 
 *insert a table*
{Step 1 Name}
{Description of step} 
{Our Fees - e.g. $1,500 plus GST}
{Step 2 Name}
{Description of step} 
{Our Fees - e.g. $4,000 plus GST}
{Step 3 Name}
{Description of step} 
{Our Fees - TBA}
Option #4 
Thanks for your email [name],
There are a number of options for [issue], and there is no “one size fits all”. It will depend on your personal circumstances and the issues involved. I would be happy to advise on your options and help you decide on the best approach for you from here. To do so I will require some further information, although thanks for sending that brief summary which gives me a good initial overview. Once I’ve got all the information I need, I can then provide some advice accordingly.
So the process from here would be as follows:
  1. I would provide you with a comprehensive list of information I would need;
  2. I would then review and consider that and come to some preliminary views;
  3. We can then meet or have a phone conference to discuss your options.
My fees to undertake this work will be $2,000 plus GST (fixed fee). After we have discussed my preliminary views, there may be further work involved. This could include preparing documents to implement a strategy, looking into any particular issues that are identified in more detail, or confirming any of my opinions in writing. If so I will let you know what further fees will be involved. Alternatively after the preliminary work and advice, you may have enough to take it forward without any further input from me, in which case there would be no further charge.
If you are happy to proceed on that basis, please let me know and I will send you an engagement confirming my quote.
I look forward to hearing from you, and hope I can assist you.
Until next time,

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