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It is the start of a New Year and this is a time when I like to reflect on where I am at and the goals myself and my family want to tick off.
When you are clear on where you are going, your objectives and what is important, it is easier to make decisions. I’ve already put this to use in 2022 with a couple of projects offered to me. Although very lucrative they didn’t align and it was easy to say no.
My diagnostic process is as follows [together with my wife]:
List on a big flip chart where we are now/what we have, ie.:
  • Family
  • Assets
  • Investments
  • Structures
  • Business
  • Estate Planning
  • Debt
Then we draw a line down the middle of the flip chart from top to bottom, and write each others name at the top, then individually list out all the things we want to achieve over the next 3-5 years.
This gives us a clear longer term view which we can chunk down to the next 12 months.
We then reflect on the big flip chart on where are now/what we have and see what needs attention to help us realise the 3-5 year goals.
This process helps visualise and clarify our focus for 2022.
I then personally reviewed my Bucket List which is a big long list of things I want to do/achieve in my lifetime. Some item’s I could tick off and some new one’s were added.
Once you have clarity and focus, it makes decisions much easier. You know what you need to do. Mix that with some accountability and you have a recipe for success.
The same goes for your firm. What is your Vision, Mission, Goals? What are you key Projects for 2022? What does your 90 Day Action Plan look like? Who is going to hold you accountable?
It starts with planning.
Let me know if you want some help with it.
PS - I had a lot of fun in previous years producing regular content for accountants which I am going to get back to in 2022.
I want to know from you, what do you want to seen more of? What would be helpful? Where are you struggling? Hit reply and let me know.

A Favourite "Goal Setting" Book Of Mine
Psycho-Cybernetics: Updated and Expanded : Maltz, Maxwell: Amazon.com.au: Books
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Brad Turville

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